CE Certification

CE marking, which is the abbreviation of Conformite European, means "European Conformity", conformity with European Norms. The CE mark indicates the conformity of a product with European product regulations. The "CE" Mark is a sign that indicates that the product complies with the relevant technical regulation and that if the products are used in accordance with their intended purpose, it will not harm human life and property, the existence of plants and animals and the environment. Products that do not have the CE mark cannot enter the European Union countries. In general, the CE mark can be thought of as a trade passport that ensures the free movement of the product in the European market.

CE Mark is not a quality mark. The CE Mark is not a brand purchased from anywhere, but can be affixed by the manufacturer to the product/packaging/related document after the necessary conformity procedures are completed.

By placing or ensuring that the "CE" mark is placed on the product, the manufacturer is deemed to have declared that it is under his own responsibility that the product conforms to the relevant technical regulation or regulations stipulating the placing of this mark, and that the product has been subjected to all necessary conformity assessment procedures.

CE marking dimensions are shown in Annex-1 of the CE marking Regulation. APPENDIX-1 CE mark Dimensions In our institution, conformity assessment activities are carried out in order to use the CE mark on PPE products within the scope of the 2016/425(EU) Personal Protective Equipment Directive. You can contact us using the product certification application form. Our experts will make the necessary evaluations and get back to you as soon as possible. After you download the application form from the link and fill it, you can send it to us. Our experts will make the necessary evaluations and get back to you as soon as possible.